At Outside In Construction, INC., we specialize in building, remodeling, and expanding homes with an energy efficient and green approach. As an Energy Star Partner, we use a variety of techniques and materials to improve your home’s efficiency, such as framing, insulation, heating and cooling systems, electrical devices, water saving, and solar. Here are some of the benefits we offer to help you save energy and money:


We use smart framing techniques to reduce heat loss and make insulation easier, such as insulated headers, continuous exterior sheathing, open bays, minimal framing members, and engineered lumber. We can apply these techniques to any project, and we can also meet Energy Star standards if you request them.


We have a wide range of energy efficient technology for your new space, such as Heat Pump or Hybrid, Geothermal, traditional fossil fuels, ERV systems, and sealed and insulated duct work. We have the expertise and experience to help you choose and install the system that works best for you.


We provide different levels of insulation packages to suit your needs, from the standard code compliant to the premium combination of air sealing, fire stopping, urethane foam, and dense pack insulation.

We follow the current code requirements in New Hampshire, and we keep up with the latest developments in the insulation field. We will consult with you to find the best option for your energy efficiency, environmental conditions, and budget.

Auditing & Testing

We work with professional energy groups to ensure that your home construction meets or exceeds all the current insulation codes, including Energy Star Certifications if you want them. We conduct standard audits on all our homes, including air exchange and duct leakage testing, to verify the quality of our work.

We also offer additional programs, such as building energy simulation modeling and Energy Rating Index reports. At Outside In Construction, INC., we customize our services to fit your needs and preferences. Whether you want a new home, a remodel, or an addition, we can deliver a high-quality, energy efficient, and green product that you will love.

Outside In Construction, INC. is well versed at tailoring these services to our clients, depending on the space, your budget and desires for the level of energy efficiency, we can work with you to deliver the finished package you desire.



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