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At Outside In Construction, INC., we offer complete Turn-Key management for every job we do, whether it is building a new home, remodeling an existing space, expanding, or constructing a garage or other project. We have the expertise and the process to ensure timely, budget-friendly, and client-oriented completion. We rely on our experienced Project Managers, support staff, quality suppliers and sub contractors, and our comprehensive software suite, BuilderTrend, to deliver the best results.

Project Management is essential for any construction project, as it involves many challenges that need constant attention and supervision. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust Outside In Construction to handle any project.

Below are some of the key elements of Project Management that we offer to you, our client.


Our Turn-Key process means that we manage the entire project, from the initial meeting to the final delivery. We handle all the steps of any construction project, including site survey, permitting, engineering, design, costing, coordination, quality control, budget oversight, selections, schedule, and any changes that may occur. At Outside In Construction, INC., you get all these services under one roof, in a seamless and integrated way. You can trust us to make your dream a reality, with a one-stop-shop for everything and a great experience.

Scope of Work

A clear outline of the work and communication is vital for any construction project’s success. At Outside In Construction, INC., we provide you with a comprehensive proposal that meets your expectations. We have refined this process over the years, listening to our clients and ensuring clarity and understanding of the construction process and the final result. Our proposals include detailed categories for every project, from planning, permitting, and design, to site work, foundation, framing, exterior finishes, utility systems, and interior finishes. We detail each element in the process, according to your requests, and make sure you know what to expect when we hand you the keys.


We provide a complete schedule from start to finish for every project we manage, whether it is a new home, a remodel, an addition, or any other. This helps you understand what is happening and when. The schedule may change due to various challenges in the construction process, such as weather, scope changes, unforeseen discoveries, or others. We update the schedule accordingly, so you always have the latest information and can plan ahead.

Weekly Updates

In addition to a detailed schedule, our Project Managers provide you with weekly updates through BuilderTrend. These updates showcase images of the current progress of your project and an outline of work completed that week. This ensures that you are always plugged into the process and can see the status no matter where you are. Moreover, our Project Managers will meet with you on a regular basis, depending on your availability, to walk through and review current progress, answer questions, and discuss items needing attention. This includes pre-site meetings, pre-rough utility walkthroughs, and meetings during the finishes. Here at Outside In Construction, INC., we make sure that you are involved and ask the questions rather than assume the answers, after all, we are building a space for you.


The selection of finishes in your new space is a critical part of the construction process. Outside In Construction, INC. understands this and offers our Selection Coordinator’s services to help you make these choices without negatively impacting the process. Aimee Brothers, our Selection Coordinator, is constantly working in the background with our Project Managers and other staff to ensure that your selections are ordered on time, available, and coordinated to be on site when needed by assorted installers. This is a huge element of any project’s success, and we know this.

Change Orders

At Outside In Construction, INC., we know that not every project goes according to plan and there are times that you may decide to add or remove something from a project once it is underway. No one likes unexpected surprises on a construction project, and our transparent and detailed Change Order process prevents that from happening. All Change Orders are detailed with a description of changes to the Proposal, associated costs, and any changes to the project schedule that may occur. They are released for your review and can be approved, modified, or denied based on your input. They are also recorded and tracked via BuilderTrend to ensure nothing is missed. We will never complete any additional work you do not authorize and take great pride in always communicating and being transparent with you. We want to make sure you understand any changes that may occur.


With over 25 years of construction experience with our clients, we are well versed in working with multiple situations, whether it is cash funded, bank funded, or a combination of both. We work with you to ensure the process is transparent and smooth. From the start, you will be presented with a complete and detailed proposal, outlining all the costs associated with your project. Our billing is clear and upfront, and all invoicing clearly reflects the associated elements being billed for. All Allowance Selections and Change Orders are tracked via BuilderTrend and in our invoicing, so you can always understand where your project costs are, and rest assured that you are in line and on budget with your expectations. We understand that by hiring our firm, you are trusting us with a large investment, and we make sure that you feel comfortable investing your time and money with us to build the new space of your dreams.


You can learn more about the complete BuilderTrend experience by following this link: Customer Reviews & Testimonials - Buildertrend

EPA Indoor airPLUS Certified

Clean air is good for everyone’s health, but it can be especially important to those that have chronic respiratory conditions. Indoor airPLUS is a voluntary partnership and labeling program that helps new home builders improve the quality of indoor air by requiring construction practices and product specifications that minimize exposure to airborne pollutants and contaminants.

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